Pomegranate blossoms

Posted May 24, 2009 by Christy
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pomegranate blossoms

I haven’t been too happy with the weather this spring, but apparently it’s been good pomegranate weather! This tree is in my front yard. I don’t like pomegranates, but my family and all the neighborhood kids do.


Hoping for a quiet day

Posted May 23, 2009 by Christy
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I have four days off in a row! And I was hoping that it would be one of those lovely migraine-free vacations, but no. I woke up knowing I would have a migraine even though I couldn’t feel any pain yet. And then I waited too long before taking a pill.

One way I knew it was coming was that my husband left the water running on a young apricot tree last night, and when I woke up I became aware of the sound of the water in the pipes. I don’t really understand how, but when the water is running outside, I hear it inside the house, but I don’t really notice it unless I have a migraine, and then it is INTOLERABLE.

In which I am a risk-taker and survive

Posted May 18, 2009 by Christy
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We went to see the Star Trek movie last night. When my husband was buying the tickets, the ticket-seller said something I couldn’t hear, and then my husband said, “Yeah, I guess that’s okay.” “What’s okay?” I asked as we started inside. “We have to sit in the first three rows,” he said.

No! That’s not okay! My neck! My eyes! I’m going to get a migraine!

But I didn’t say any of that, because he was being so nice taking me to see Star Trek, and I am tired of being a wet washcloth 100% of the time. (I think of myself as a wet washcloth rather than a wet blanket because a wet washcloth is what I used to have on my forehead while lying on the couch with a migraine when I was a little kid. If I had a coat of arms I guess it would have to contain a wet washcloth.)

So my daughter and I went to get seats while my husband got popcorn. We ended up in the middle of the second row. A woman about my own age sat down beside me and said “This looks like the headache row.” “I hope not!” I replied, pretending to be unconcerned.

(A tangent–don’t you think migraineurs should have a secret signal so we could recognize each other in public and provide quiet, unobtrusive support in times of need?)

So anyway I just thought good thoughts and gradually managed to adjust the angle of my head and my vision (sometimes it felt better to close one eye, and during the previews when everything was flashing around so fast I just closed both of them,) so that I wasn’t very uncomfortable, and quit worrying and had a great time. What a fun movie! And sitting so close, I felt like I was inside the screen. Woo hoo! I love Star Trek.

And when I got home my neck was a little stiff and I had some pain around one of my eyes, so I took a couple of aspirin before bed and put some ice on my neck and woke up feeling fine. Aah, the good life.


Posted May 17, 2009 by Christy
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99º yesterday. I had a dreadful headache. The air conditioning where I was working was not broken, but it was off, because somebody who is in charge of setting the timers on the system set it to be off Saturdays. They program our heating and air conditioning remotely, from another city. We couldn’t figure out how to override it, and believe me, I have years of experience figuring out how to override various library systems that are trying to kill me.

People coming in from the 99º street fanned themselves and complained that it was hot in the library. I thought I might die, but instead I lived to complain about it in this handy blog.

scotch tape

Posted May 12, 2009 by Christy
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Why is it that no matter how much scotch tape I buy, whenever I need a piece and open the drawer where the scotch tape is supposed to be, there’s no scotch tape!!! This is a migraine-related problem, because I have a migraine right now and not being able to find the tape is making my head hurt worse. Or, for all I know, the tape is in the drawer and I can’t see it because of the migraine.

It reminds me of the very old SNL sketches that featured the dying scotch tape store in a mall. I always thought a scotch tape store would be very useful. Especially if it was next door to me. What if I’d been born before the invention of scotch tape? Could I have survived? Doubtful.

What do I need tape for? I forget. I solved the problem some other way and now all I have left is the pain and frustration from not being able to find tape when I wanted it. All I really remember is opening the drawer and then grasping the sides of my head.

Migraine. Dumbest disease ever.

More proof that if you worry enough everything turns out okay

Posted May 4, 2009 by Christy
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I got tired of waiting for my doctor’s office to call me back so I called them. They said my medication (Amerge) was approved. There should be an exclamation point there, but I was so prepared for a fight that I actually feel kind of blank. In a good way. Next, I just have to worry the library situation into a favorable outcome, and then I think I’ll retire.

Kind of gloomy

Posted May 2, 2009 by Christy
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I usually work Saturdays, but today I am taking a vacation day. So it is cold and rainy and I have a migraine.

My new schedule at work includes a lot more driving, and my favorite little library that I used to work in 3 days a week is now only open 1 day. Honestly, how can anything be successful if it’s only open 1 day a week? Is that the secret plan, wait until people give up and stop coming and then use it as an excuse to shut the library down completely?

My supervisor and I now handle three library branches alone. Since she still has a little money left for substitutes, we are taking alternate Saturdays off because she is afraid we are going to crack under the pressure. This is only until July 1, when things will probably get worse.

Since we were already short-staffed and under-funded, I haven’t had a whole seven days off in a row since last July, when I had sinus surgery. (That was a fun vacation!) I kind of feel like I’m cracking up right now. I suppose that’s due to the migraine, though. And the weather.

I already went through this 20 years ago, when nobody in charge learned any lessons and here we are in the exact same place again.

Then there’s my insurance company/doctor’s office/Amerge situation, which I tried to take care of two months ago when the insurance company first sent me the letter telling me it would no longer pay for the Amerge after April 1. But no, the doctor’s office didn’t want to be bothered and said I had to start the process through my pharmacy, and my pharmacy said they couldn’t do anything until after April 1 and thirty days after the prescription was last filled (only 8 triptans every 30 days, regardless).

So the pharm. did their part on Monday. Then the doctor’s office called on Thursday and said they didn’t have any record of what other migraine medicines I’d tried. They didn’t have any record? Why not? Were they lost in a fire? They just don’t bother to keep records? So I told them what they needed to know and they said they would call back that afternoon but of course I haven’t heard from them.

But if I get laid off in the next round of budget-cuts, it won’t matter anyway. I won’t have any insurance, but also, I could just have a migraine and lay in bed in the dark and not worry about my job.