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endless summer

December 21, 2008

When I was a teenager I saw the surfing documentary Endless Summer, and decided that it would be a good idea to get rich and then follow the summer around the globe so I could always be warm. At that time I was living in a mild sunny climate, but apparently that wasn’t good enough for me. I needed to be warmer.

And I am warmer, in the summer, when it’s not too unusual for the temp. to pass 110 degrees. But I pay for it all winter, with rain, fog, and frost. (I know this sounds wimpy to people who live in the snow, but oh, the horror!)

What happened to my plan? Inconceivable as it may sound, I never got rich! Working in tiny rural libraries is apparently not the road to wealth. But I did get cookies and mandarins from nice library patrons this week. Mandarins are a lot like sunshine. And after today daylight starts increasing. Maybe I’ll survive.



June 8, 2008

Yesterday I had no pain in my head whatsoever. It’s been a long time since that happened. So I have decided that from now on, instead of wondering all the time why I have a headache or a migraine, I will just wait for pain free days and then wonder why I don’t have a headache. This will cut down my worrying/wondering time considerably. The part of my brain that does all that thinking about headaches will probably shrink down and leave some extra room for the rest of my brain to stretch out and relax. It sounds good, doesn’t it? And it’s just as likely to work as all my other headache-busting plans.

Weird migraine trigger

May 12, 2008

When I saw the Weird Migraine Trigger Contest I wanted to enter, but all my migraine triggers seemed so boring. But today I was trying to work on my patio, and feeling sorry for myself because of the godawful weather. And I thought about how I grew up next to the ocean where the weather was lovely and not given to extremes, and I remembered how I used to hate to go “inland” (more than five miles from the beach) because whenever I did I got a headache!

And now I live inland. Far far away from any ocean. And if I get a chance to go to the beach I usually feel lighter while I’m there, and then I come back home and feel like the air is a heavy blanket crushing me down. I’m not saying I never get a migraine at the ocean, but I think it’s pretty clear that being inland is a migraine trigger for me.

Will my doctor buy it? Will she prescribe a “rest cure” at the seaside for me? Will my insurance company pay for it? Will I finish my patio before the mercury hits triple digits?

No to all of the above.