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If I get well will the whining stop?

August 24, 2008

I am on my 4th antibiotic since my sinus surgery (7 1/2 weeks ago.) The newest one is Levaquin, which I started on Thursday evening. The next day I had to drive 40 miles to work and try to do a fun storytime in spite of not being able to breathe, being in excruciating pain (as a migraine sufferer, I believe that I am qualified to state that this pain in my cheek was, indeed, excruciating, and not just uncomfortable,) and feeling like if I blinked I would fall asleep. The little kids (and their parents!) were tired and cranky because it’s county fair week in their community, and even my teen helper had had too much fair and her back hurt from some of the rides. (And her ankles. Apparently there’s some ride where you hang from your ankles.)

So much for what is usually the best part of my day. Then the rest of the day was horrible because a co-worker was unhappy and I had no reserves of sympathy to give her. Most of my interactions with her involve a certain amount of willing suspension of disbelief, anyway, and Friday I just wasn’t willing. Finally, work was over and I managed to drive home and went directly to bed and fell immediately sound asleep. Then my daughter, bless her, brought me a bowl of soup and some cornbread, and woke me up, and I ate it and fell right back to sleep, and slept twelve hours.

The next day it was back to work, but at the little library I love, where the worst thing was having to blow my nose so much in such a small, quiet space. I’m beyond embarrassment at this point, however.

So today I can stay at home and sit or lie down whenever I feel like it. And I’ll do laundry, and I’ll wash dishes, but no way am I getting in the car for any reason and no way am I cooking anything, since I hate cooking and I just have to draw the line somewhere, even if we all starve. It’s the principle of the thing.


Unhappy some more

August 11, 2008

I have another infection in my left sinus. The doctor phoned in yet another antibiotic for me, but can’t see me until Thursday. The appointment desk acted like it was a major miracle to find me an appointment that soon (I called them Friday morning.) That may be, but I had surgery 5 weeks ago and this is the second infection I’ve had, or the same infection never going away more likely. It’s too bad the doctor doesn’t have time to take care of his patients.

I’m just grumpy due to pain and the worn-out way the infection and the antibiotics make me feel. I have the day off from work tomorrow because it’s my daughter’s birthday, but I guess it’s going to be yet another vacation day wasted on being sick. I frankly can’t remember the last vacation day I’ve had that wasn’t wasted on feeling sick. It was more than a year ago, I know, because I started getting the stabbing headache 1 year and 3 months ago. The last trip we took was 13 months ago, and mainly I just sat quietly in the car trying not to jostle my head.


August 3, 2008

In order to stop my spectacular nosebleeds, the ENT cauterized my left turbinate. It didn’t hurt when he did it. The check-out person waved me out of the office, Good-bye! Never come back! As soon as I set foot in the parking lot the pain hit. Oh well, I’ll feel better soon. I drove to work. Felt worse. Took Tylenol, the do-nothing drug. Felt worser. Then some kind of watery (but bloodless) discharge started dripping/gushing/dripping from my nose. I work alone at that library. It was just me and the poor library patrons, who all got a grumpy earful from me, in between disgusting gushes.

I was not aware of how much I complained that day until this weekend, when some of the same people came back in and asked me gingerly, from a safe distance, if I was feeling any better. Yes, I said, surprised, How did you know I was sick? Hoo boy.

candidate for surgery

April 24, 2008

I can’t believe how depressed those words have made me. Especially since I realized after I left the ENT office that I don’t even know for sure what they mean. And what’s “sinus disease”? I guess it’s not an infection because he didn’t give me any more antibiotics.

I was just not prepared to hear this. I didn’t even think I needed the 3 weeks of antibiotics that he prescribed at the first visit, but I took them anyway to play fair, and I expected him to look at the CT scan and say “Nothing wrong with you.” So when he said “surgery,” I was so shocked I couldn’t think straight and didn’t know what to say or ask.

And now I think about my sinuses all the time, and from concentrating on them so much I don’t even know if they feel okay or not. So to cheer myself up and take my mind off things I took my dog for an early walk this morning, and that worked pretty well, but since we got back the dog is making snorting noises like he inhaled something he shouln’t have. Now maybe we’re both candidates for sinus surgery. Maybe I can have the vet do my surgery too, and get some kind of two-for-one deal.

ear nose throat guy

March 25, 2008

I went to the ENT, and he said it looked like I had a really bad sinus infection 6 weeks ago when the CT scan was taken, but his physical exam of my nasal passages seemed to indicate I didn’t have one anymore. I concurred. But he decided to have me take antibiotics for three weeks anyway, and then send me for another scan. Prescribing the extended course of antibiotics will make it more likely that the insurance company will authorize the scan. It just occurred to me right now that I wouldn’t really have to take the antibiotics, just buy them to impress my insurance company.

He seemed pretty skeptical about my sinuses causing my constant stabbing headache. I am beginning to wonder if my regular doctor even has a medical degree. I really wish she would send me for an MRI so that I could quit worrying about my pain. Or send me to a neurologist, even if she thinks they’re too busy or cranky or whatever it is. I can live with pain, but ever since the constant stabbing headache started I have been scared that something in my head is going to harm me, not just hurt me.

Sick day

March 5, 2008

My chest cold has progressed to the point where I can’t take a deep breath without coughing and the front and the back (?) of my chest hurt. People who have bronchitis every winter probably think I’m a wimp, but I never get chest illnesses so I don’t know how to cope, or when to worry. (Yes, I’m worrying about when to worry.) Luckily, some sick people at work are getting well so I am able to take a sick day today myself. Yesterday I worked at my one-person library and it was pretty bad because I was so useless. Unless somebody came to the library specifically to be coughed on, that I could manage. Tomorrow I have a doctor’s appointment so she can tell me if I’m being stoic this time or whiney.