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May 17, 2009

99º yesterday. I had a dreadful headache. The air conditioning where I was working was not broken, but it was off, because somebody who is in charge of setting the timers on the system set it to be off Saturdays. They program our heating and air conditioning remotely, from another city. We couldn’t figure out how to override it, and believe me, I have years of experience figuring out how to override various library systems that are trying to kill me.

People coming in from the 99º street fanned themselves and complained that it was hot in the library. I thought I might die, but instead I lived to complain about it in this handy blog.



April 20, 2009

At the beginning of last week I was still huddling indoors to escape the cold, cruel north wind. Last night I went out on my back porch at 7 p.m. and saw that the thermometer read 90° F. That sounded a little bit cooler than in my house, actually, so I decided to sit outside by my pond and do a crossword puzzle. As soon as I sat down I was bombarded by mosquitoes. As I ran to the back door I started sneezing. Cold wind, searing heat, mosquitoes and pollen, all in one week. Some April.

Today it is supposed to be even hotter, so I walked the dog early and then thought I should be a responsible citizen and mow the collection of weeds I call the front lawn. In the middle of my chore I heard a man yelling, “I don’t believe it!” He was not a neighbor, but apparently just a passerby who was amazed by my lawn mower, an old-fashioned reel mower (no motor.)

The only time in my life I ever had a mower with a motor it was old and hard to get started and I spent more time trying to get it work than actual mowing. My yard is small and I can’t think of any reason why I should use gasoline and spew exhaust and make a lot of noise when I can use a reel mower and get the job done with no fuss. It doesn’t take as much room to store, either. And it’s good exercise!

The man told me his daughter uses a reel mower and he had previously thought she was the only person left on earth who did. That’s why he was so flabbergasted. “Tell her all about me!” I called after him as he walked off down the street. “Tell her she’s not alone!”