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El Tigre

September 24, 2008

Walked the dog for about 40 minutes yesterday. There is only one street now that I can use to escape my dogs-roaming-free neighborhood. All other exits are blocked by scary dogs.

My biggest problem used to be a dog that I called (I don’t know why) El Tigre. Whenever I saw him I would think, “So, El Tigre, we meet again.” He always has a couple other dogs with him, but not the same dogs every time. I think he just collects them as he wanders around. It seemed to me that El Tigre wanted my dog to join his pack, and my dog always seemed to really want to run away from me and join, so we had a conflict there for a while.

The last time I saw him was a couple of days ago when a big dog was barking at me in the middle of the street and El Tigre walked by, giving us all a wide berth. As he passed we exchanged glances, and he seemed to be saying “Hasn’t this neighborhood gone downhill?” I would have joined his pack at that moment, if I thought it afforded any protection.

You would laugh if you saw how small El Tigre is, but he has a very commanding, yet calm, presence. He reminds me of the Dog Whisperer, in dog form.



September 22, 2008

Sunday was a nice day. I felt well. I walked for an hour in the park with my friend. I noticed that what I call the “dining room” (actually one end of the kitchen with a table in it) had a web of greasy dirt and cobwebs all over the upper walls and ceiling, and actually got up on a footstool and washed it off. Then I took everything off the front porch and washed it. I think it was still covered with residue from the month of smoke. Then I sat on my clean front porch and read the Sunday paper.

However, my left leg kept tingling, and that’s a migraine aura for me, but as usual I ignored it, thinking there were probably lots of innocent reasons for one leg to tingle, although I couldn’t think of any (and really, not being able to think of any is a migraine aura, too.) So today I woke up with a migraine, but I took an Amerge and after a while I didn’t feel too bad and took the dog for a slow walk, with the bill of my cap pulled down over my polarized sunglasses and my back to the sun as much as possible.

And it was a lovely day, with an oceany southern breeze (the ocean is about 200 miles away, but I think I can smell it sometimes), and a big leaf fell out of a tree and landed on my hat, because it’s the first day of fall.