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It’s Sunday

May 25, 2008

and I’m drinking a cup of green tea with caffeine, even though I don’t have a headache so it’s against my rules. My rules I made up for myself. I am self-medicating with tea because I feel melancholy due to the fact that my vacation week is nearly over and I didn’t do anything I planned to do, just endured lousy weather and got sick and went back on antibiotics.

But I’m pretty simple minded, a cup of tea and some cookies will probably make me feel better, and I was looking out the window a little while ago and the sun came out for a minute and I noticed that one of my roses has a second bloom starting already, in spite of being totally neglected for the past year.

These are some of my roses from earlier this spring.

My neighbor told me that my roses are basically “weeds” because apparently he can tell that they are root stock. He believes that the original roses have died and their root stock has taken over. He once gave me a stick to prop up one of them (he felt for some reason that it needed to be propped up) and then told me that the stick was more valuable than the rose, so I gave the stick back to him because I don’t need any expensive sticks in my yard. I love my roses because they are happy to live at my house and I am happy to have them here. Growing like a weed and thriving on neglect is a prerequisite for survival in my yard.

This same neighbor objected to my blue fence when I first painted it. He said it reminded him of Taco Bell, a senseless insult. It still makes me laugh to think of it. My blue fence cheers me up every time I look at it. It looks cool in the summer and cheerful in the winter. I should go look at it now.