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More proof that if you worry enough everything turns out okay

May 4, 2009

I got tired of waiting for my doctor’s office to call me back so I called them. They said my medication (Amerge) was approved. There should be an exclamation point there, but I was so prepared for a fight that I actually feel kind of blank. In a good way. Next, I just have to worry the library situation into a favorable outcome, and then I think I’ll retire.

Kind of gloomy

May 2, 2009

I usually work Saturdays, but today I am taking a vacation day. So it is cold and rainy and I have a migraine.

My new schedule at work includes a lot more driving, and my favorite little library that I used to work in 3 days a week is now only open 1 day. Honestly, how can anything be successful if it’s only open 1 day a week? Is that the secret plan, wait until people give up and stop coming and then use it as an excuse to shut the library down completely?

My supervisor and I now handle three library branches alone. Since she still has a little money left for substitutes, we are taking alternate Saturdays off because she is afraid we are going to crack under the pressure. This is only until July 1, when things will probably get worse.

Since we were already short-staffed and under-funded, I haven’t had a whole seven days off in a row since last July, when I had sinus surgery. (That was a fun vacation!) I kind of feel like I’m cracking up right now. I suppose that’s due to the migraine, though. And the weather.

I already went through this 20 years ago, when nobody in charge learned any lessons and here we are in the exact same place again.

Then there’s my insurance company/doctor’s office/Amerge situation, which I tried to take care of two months ago when the insurance company first sent me the letter telling me it would no longer pay for the Amerge after April 1. But no, the doctor’s office didn’t want to be bothered and said I had to start the process through my pharmacy, and my pharmacy said they couldn’t do anything until after April 1 and thirty days after the prescription was last filled (only 8 triptans every 30 days, regardless).

So the pharm. did their part on Monday. Then the doctor’s office called on Thursday and said they didn’t have any record of what other migraine medicines I’d tried. They didn’t have any record? Why not? Were they lost in a fire? They just don’t bother to keep records? So I told them what they needed to know and they said they would call back that afternoon but of course I haven’t heard from them.

But if I get laid off in the next round of budget-cuts, it won’t matter anyway. I won’t have any insurance, but also, I could just have a migraine and lay in bed in the dark and not worry about my job.


March 15, 2009

I don’t know what to say about the impending loss of insurance coverage for my migraine abortive. No one is worried about it except me. I have to wait until after April 1 (the cutoff date) and then ask the pharmacy for a refill and then they fax “all the information” to the doctor’s office which then contacts the insurance company to ask for a “pre-auth.” This sounds pretty rinky-dink to me and fraught with potential peril. And pain. But the doctor’s office and the pharmacy are in agreement (or cahoots!).

Anyway, I can worry worry worry or calm down. Meanwhile the top of my right foot has gone numb and I don’t know why. I assume I did something to my back while dragging bags and boxes of books out of the trunk of my car (part of my job) which pinched a nerve (?) and caused foot numbness? I don’t know.

The bottom of my husband’s foot went numb 2 years ago while he was in an uncomfortable position while receiving an MRI before back surgery. The surgery cured his back pain but his foot is still numb! So I get no sympathy from him. Not that I expected any. He’s exhausted from supplying so much headache-sympathy all the time.

I blame it on my formerly-constant-now-intermittent stabbing headache, because when I had only migraines to contend with I could still go to yoga several times a week, and I had a healthy back and strong legs and arms. Now I am like a jellyfish. A jellyfish who is supposed to lift heavy objects.

I considered going to the doctor about my foot so I could harangue her about migraine meds while I was there, but given her track record with my head I don’t think I want her involved with my foot. It doesn’t bother me, it doesn’t keep me from doing anything, it’s way better than having a headache. I hope.

Prescription help

April 22, 2008

I want to point out that Migraine Girl has an important post for people who need help with prescription costs: