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I thought I had a cold

December 29, 2008

or a mild flu. But I have a sinus infection. I found this out today when I went for my ENT/mastoiditis appointment. He threaded the scope up my nose and said there was tons of pus flowing out of my ethmoid sinus. I had thought it was mucus. I don’t know how to tell the difference, I guess.

So far as my mastoiditis went, he said that what showed up on the mri was probably from some childhood ear infection. He (like me) couldn’t see how things going wrong in my right sinuses could cause a stabbing pain in my left temple.

Do I even care about the formerly-constant-now-intermittent stabbing headache anymore? I guess the mri didn’t show anything about to explode in my head, so why don’t I just quit worrying about it. I just have to think of ways to exercise that don’t include leaning over, and then maybe I’ll be fine.

So, back on antibiotics for three weeks. That’s a discouraging thought all by itself.


Am I claustrophobic?

November 17, 2008

After a year and a half of fiddling around with my sometimes constant stabbing headache, my doctor decided I should have an MRA, even though she is convinced that the headache is caused by my sinus. I am happy about this decision because ever since May 2007 I have been convinced that something in my head is about to burst, and if the MRA proves me wrong I can get on with my life. (Let’s see, what was I doing when I was interrupted? I think it was Downward-facing Dog.)

Now the question is: the vague feeling of unease I get when thinking of being trapped in an elevator, a cave, an airplane; is that claustrophobia or just good sense?