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March 2, 2009

This afternoon I received a letter from my insurance company informing me that as of April 1 they will no longer cover the migraine abortive that works for me. I can, of course, ask my doctor to request a coverage review, and I will. As a matter of fact, I called her office as soon as I got the letter but they were closed already.

So, April 1, no more Amerge. April 4, new schedule at work including no vacation days allowed (any previously requested vacation cancelled) and (according to my supervisor) closing the library branch if I am sick because two of us are supposed to cover three branches and there’s no money for subs.

I don’t know if they will literally close the branch due to illness; that may just be a threat. But for fun I think I’ll print up some “Closed Due to Migraine” signs just in case.

Anyway, I was so upset and frustrated after reading the letter and failing to contact my doctor that I knew there was only one thing to do. I threw the leash on the dog and ran out the door. It’s been pouring nonstop all weekend, but there was a break in the rain and we walked and sometimes ran (just a little bit) and there was a very lovely south wind (my good friend.)

And maybe because of the south wind, which originates from an ocean far away, I actually felt like a kid for a while. I love to walk, and when I was younger I ran all the time. It’s the best medicine against depression I’ve ever found, and it works immediately and has no side effects, so long as you look both ways before crossing the street.


Rainy day dogs

February 16, 2009

Rain rain rain. I had four days off in the rain. Yesterday my daughter and I were so sick of being inside that we put the dog in the car and drove to a lake (really a pond) and walked around it in the pouring rain. The dog was ecstatic at first but got car sick on the way back home and spent the rest of the afternoon as close to the wall heater as he could get.

Today we went to the Humane Society to look at a beagle. He is about seven years old and has the usual beagle qualities of being small and lovable and barking barking barking. He is reportedly an escape artist, also typical of beagles. We used to own a beagle who could walk without jingling her dog tags when she wanted to, the better to escape right out from under our noses.

This beagle has been at the Humane Society for two months and needs a home. Our current basset/beagle needs a friend. But I just don’t know if I could handle it right now. I feel better than I have in months, but the barking at the Humane Society made my head hurt.

My old enemy the North Wind

February 2, 2009

Spring continues here, which is very bad, because it means drought, but I am guiltily enjoying it anyway. Yesterday I walked for one hour with my friend in the park in the morning, and then in the afternoon decided to ride my bike towards work, since my goal is to ride all the way to work someday. There is a lovely bike path that takes me about 5 miles towards my place of work and I have been slowly, carefully, riding a little bit farther along it each weekend before turning around and heading back home. The farthest I had gone was two miles out, two miles back.

My husband came with me this time. There seemed to be a little breeze at our backs as we rode and rode until . . . the bike path ended! I had gone five miles! I felt like I could continue on the surface streets and ride all the way to the library that very day! But I didn’t want to be reckless, so we turned around, and discovered that the whole time we’d been riding southward a stiff north wind had been building. No wonder it was so easy to pedal. I probably could have not pedaled at all and just let the wind push me along while were heading south. But now we had to go north.

It was so hard, riding back. We were heading straight into the wind. My legs started to ache immediately. Several times I just stopped and stood for a minute, thinking I would have to walk back while pushing the bike. (I’m much better at walking.) My husband said he would go get the car for me. No! I was going to do it!

And I did. Luckily, after about 3 miles the path turned at a slight angle to the wind and it became easier to pedal, and then we were in town, and then home, and I took a hot shower, aspirin, and a nap. Today my legs hurt a little, but not as bad as last week when I only went a total of 4 miles. And I really expected to have a migraine, but so far so good. I had forgotten about the north wind. It’s common here at certain times of the year, and last year even blew in the summer, thus annoying me very much.

Am I claustrophobic?

November 17, 2008

After a year and a half of fiddling around with my sometimes constant stabbing headache, my doctor decided I should have an MRA, even though she is convinced that the headache is caused by my sinus. I am happy about this decision because ever since May 2007 I have been convinced that something in my head is about to burst, and if the MRA proves me wrong I can get on with my life. (Let’s see, what was I doing when I was interrupted? I think it was Downward-facing Dog.)

Now the question is: the vague feeling of unease I get when thinking of being trapped in an elevator, a cave, an airplane; is that claustrophobia or just good sense?

It’s too cold and I might set a goal

October 12, 2008

Okay, the rule is, it’s hot (hot!) here until Halloween, and then you begin to feel a little chill in the air in November. Yet this morning when I met my friend for our Sunday walk in the park, she asked me if I knew it was 36 degrees. No, but I’d suspected it. Rooting through my closet in the dark (because my husband was still asleep) I’d managed to find my jacket and a scarf, but not my gloves (I remembered later that I ruined them last winter dragging branches out of the library parking lot during a big wind and rain storm. Stupid underfunded library system.)

Last weekend my husband and I planted lawn seed in our backyard, since late September/early October is an ideal time to do that here, I kept insisting. Two days after that a fierce north wind started drying out the ground, and then the frost warnings started. I keep telling him, “I was right, the weather’s wrong.” He keeps telling me, “I don’t see any grass growing.” It’s his job to keep it watered, because I’m gone all day, so he has plenty of time to watch the grass not grow.

I think my bad migraine period is lifting. This might be my fourth day of not much pain. I even rode my bike about a half a mile one day. I immediately set myself the goal of riding to work next summer. My closest library is about 10 miles away, and there’s a very nice bike path for part of the way. So you see, that’s all it takes. A few days without pain and my imagination is off and running. Maybe a better goal would be to ride again for another half mile someday soon. Sounds doable.

alphabetical order by number

September 18, 2008

Yesterday towards the end of the workday I told someone the non-fiction books were in “alphabetical order by number.” As I heard myself speak those words I thought I would probably have a migraine by this morning, but I woke up feeling okay. Walked the dog for 40 minutes and didn’t meet any strays. Yay! Then the pain hit. Took an Amerge. I go to work late today because I have to stay late for a meeting. I don’t like meetings, and my migraine doesn’t like meetings either.

Teeny tiny bit of exercise.

September 17, 2008

Today I walked for five minutes.

I don’t have time on Wednesdays to walk before leaving for work, and I only have half an hour for lunch and I definitely have to eat food during that time, so I wasn’t going to exercise at all today. But my legs were so sore from walking three days in a row, I had to do something. So at 12:30 I grabbed my sunglasses and burst out the back door of the library and tore around one block. I passed some gorgeous houses and yards, so I slowed down a little to gawk. By 12:36 I was back in the staff room with my salad and my book. And my legs actually felt a lot better. Friday, my next day at that library, maybe I’ll do two blocks.