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February 10, 2009

Last week I had an allergy test, for environmental allergens. The results are I am very allergic to all the grasses that are common here, some molds, a couple of weeds, olive trees and black walnut trees. I am just plain allergic to one dust mite, some other trees, and a few more molds. Not cats or dogs, though!

I’ve always thought I was allergic to grass, the clue being that when I mow the lawn I have to bring a box of kleenex with me. And sometimes I have to stop in the middle of mowing and run inside and jump in the shower for a while before I can stop sneezing long enough to go back out and finish the job. My “hay fever” season lasts from February to about the middle of June. Then in the fall I get other sinus symptoms which I always assumed had to do with the smoke from wildfires and agriculture. Which brings up the usual question: if it was that bad, why did I wait decades to do something about it?

Or you could ask, during 20 years of sinus infections, how come a doctor never brought up the idea that treating my allergies could help stave off infections? Because I always avoided doctors unless I absolutely needed one for antibiotics, and then I went to walk-in clinics, that’s why.

Anyway, instead of allergy shots I am going for non-FDA-approved allergy drops, which my insurance will not pay for, but I am justifying it by reminding myself how much I had to pay out of my own pocket for the sinus surgery and everything related to it, even with insurance. Also, my primary care doctor is just convinced that the constant stabbing headache in my temple is caused by sinus problems, and I have to admit that after sinus surgery and 6 months of antibiotics, that particular headache seems to be fading away.