Poultry and the migraine mind

Over 100º today, and I was so smart when I was grocery shopping during the cool morning hour: I looked at the uncooked chicken and then I looked at the cooked-for-me-already chicken and chose the correct one for the current weather conditions. By 6 PM my kitchen is already as hot as an oven without the actual oven getting involved.

I have been having extra bad headache times. I didn’t realize how bad until they got better and I looked back. My July and August calendars show me I took some kind of pain reliever almost every single day, and the days that I didn’t, it was just because I ran out of triptans and gave up.

A perceptive comment on my blog in July frightened me because I had no idea my despair was so transparent. This blog is my place to be negative, but I imagined I was keeping it fairly light. Maybe it’s just light compared to how I really feel. But I decided that I was focusing too much on my head and that if I quit writing about it all the time probably I would get better. (The logic of the migraine-damaged mind.)

And I am better, just like I would have gotten better if I had kept writing, taken more pills, taken less pills, eaten the same, eaten differently; because the migraines get better, get worse, get better, like the tide coming in and going out. I can chart their patterns but their sources elude me.

Although, come to think of it, grocery store rotisserie chicken should probably be on the list of suspects.

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5 Comments on “Poultry and the migraine mind”

  1. baldsue Says:

    Hey Glass P–

    I was wondering what happened to you. Good to be reading your words again. I see nothin’ wrong with focusing on your head especially when it’s pain the center of your life. Keep on blogging out the pain, whether it be negative or positive. I’m convinced from my own experience that blogging is therapeutic and helpful.


  2. baldsue Says:

    Oops…its pain the center of your life, not it’s pain…

  3. karen Says:

    I too get migraines. I am about to go to ucsf and go through one week of iv dhe, every eight hours. I am very hopeful, and with the suport of my doctor, insurance will pay.

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