6 days 4 migraines

Or maybe it was one migraine that kept coming back. I took naratriptan for the first two, and then took another for the third even though that is against my personal policy. It has been very hot (108º) and I was trying to make a decision about getting a dog from the Humane Society, and I needed to be able to leave my house and cope.

And then I woke up with the fourth headache, but I just couldn’t take a fourth triptan in less than a week, and it was still hot and the dog decision was still pending and then family came to visit. We ended up deciding against the dog (very sad, he is a very nice dog and 7 years old and I hope a nice family finds him. I wish I could retire right now and have lots of dogs and work in my yard and paint my kitchen and go for walks and bike rides every day. . .and when I had a migraine I would just lie down until it went away and then I’d get up and resume life. I’m so tired of having to fight my way through every single migraine.)

I detect migraine residue in my whininess. Anyway, it’s nice to have family, because you can sit in a restaurant gripping the side of your head and everybody just acts like it’s normal behavior on your part, since it is.

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2 Comments on “6 days 4 migraines”

  1. Darlene Says:

    Dear CoSufferer, I am very sympathetic to your condition and frustration. If you look at my blogpost you will see that I have been a sufferer of migrains for more years than I care to think about. I have tried all types of medications and to no avail. Most recently I have found a neurologist who agrees that Calcium/magnesium helps and also has me taking 500mg of B2 every morning. It was amazing how much it has helped. I still suffer when the clouds roll in and the pressure increases and when stress gets the best of me but they are fewer and less severe. I wish you the best and hope that you find a solution or at least some relief. If you would like to contact me please feel free anytime.

  2. Julie Says:

    Dear Migraine Sister,
    We might as well be sisters because we have so much in common. I don’t know where you live but it has been the same temperature where I live, which of course brought on my migraines. Your sad tale of fighting through every migraine is very familar. I two wished that I could be at home and be able to lie down and deal with my headaches. I used to wish that something would happen to me, like a car accident or an appendix attack just so I could go the hospital and rest from the never ending battle in my head. Well my wish came true when my mom unexpectedly died and I had a breakdown. In hindsight I now know that my breakdown was a combination of the loss of my mom and the pressure of trying to live with migraines. It’s been almost three years since my Mother’s death and thanks to the incredible support from my husband and many many exceptional doctors I am getting better. If you would like to talk more I would really like to share. Please take care of yourself before you reach the point I did.

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