I was chosen for jury duty. They did close a library branch because of it.

My smooth, orderly, migraine-avoiding life has been severely disrupted in the last six weeks. My work schedule changed, I drive even more than before, there were graduations, going-aways, parties, jury duty. I got hives, but I’d never had them before and they were on my back and I couldn’t see them, and between my schedule and everything that was happening and my apparent inability to sufficiently describe what my problem was to the doctor’s office over the phone, I didn’t get treatment until nearly two weeks after they began and by then I guess hives just decide they like where they’re living even if what originally caused them is gone.

I especially had no idea that hives hurt!

So I have been eating a lot of aspirin. But the weather is still beautiful, which is unusual for this time of year. And this jury experience (my third) was the best ever. All the jurors took their job seriously, which was not true of the other juries I’ve been on. Restored my faith in the justice system, somewhat. Interestingly, the judge and both attorneys were women. Maybe that wouldn’t even elicit comment from younger people, but for me and the other female jurors my age, it was high-five time. The male jurors of more advanced age stoically endured. How their world has changed.

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  1. Julie Says:

    I really enjoy your blog and would love to become email buddies if you are looking to vent to someone who has been thru it all, migraine wise. Let me know.

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