scotch tape

Why is it that no matter how much scotch tape I buy, whenever I need a piece and open the drawer where the scotch tape is supposed to be, there’s no scotch tape!!! This is a migraine-related problem, because I have a migraine right now and not being able to find the tape is making my head hurt worse. Or, for all I know, the tape is in the drawer and I can’t see it because of the migraine.

It reminds me of the very old SNL sketches that featured the dying scotch tape store in a mall. I always thought a scotch tape store would be very useful. Especially if it was next door to me. What if I’d been born before the invention of scotch tape? Could I have survived? Doubtful.

What do I need tape for? I forget. I solved the problem some other way and now all I have left is the pain and frustration from not being able to find tape when I wanted it. All I really remember is opening the drawer and then grasping the sides of my head.

Migraine. Dumbest disease ever.

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One Comment on “scotch tape”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    I have the same problem with scissors! I know where I left them, I just can’t see them with a migraine. I’ve taken to just staring at the general area until my brain finally locks on. It’s probably strange/funny to see me standing in the bathroom in my robe staring intently at the counter, waiting for the scissors to appear. But they usually do. After a minute or so. Is it funny or sad? Both, I think.

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