Searching for a cure

It has been Bad Migraine Times around here lately.

Yesterday I was slumped in front of my computer, pressing the sides of my head because that relieves the pain a little (or maybe I am just trying to squash my brains out and be done with it), and a memory came to me from the time I was 7 or 8 years old.

I had checked out a book from the library about how to make things. Simple things like pencil holders or bookends OR (this is what fascinated me) a “head-ache band.” I swear the word headache was hyphenated and there was a lovely, black and white line drawing of a woman with a narrow piece of cloth around her head. A woman whose headache was being cured by a simple band that I could make myself!

“This is what I need!” I thought. I was very excited until I realized that it was very much like the stretchy headbands that were popular for your hair in those days. If I got a headache when I had one of those on, I had to take it off because it made the pain worse. Still, the next time I got a headache I tried putting one around my head at different angles, while I laid on the couch with the damp washcloth over my eyes. Just like pressing my head with my hands, it made me feel slightly better for a minute and then the pain surged back. The head-ache band was not the miracle cure I had hoped for.

Yesterday, for old times’ sake, I went to Google to see if the science of the head-ache band has improved any in the last 45 years, and I immediately found a site that told me to wrap a banana peel around my head to cure my headache. And since pain makes me desperate, and I was about to go take a shower and wash my hair anyway, and there were bananas in the house, and my entire family was gone and there was no one to see me but the dog and the cat, I tried it out.

I gave part of the banana to the dog, ate the rest of it myself, and then put the damp mushy side of the peel on the back of my neck, and held another piece to my forehead. For about one minute I couldn’t feel the pain. And then it was back.

Still searching for a cure.

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4 Comments on “Searching for a cure”

  1. I totally give you credit for trying the banana thing. I was hanging out with my head in the freezer the other day, trying to cool off my brain. Good thing the cat only saw that!

  2. Christy Says:

    The freezer! How come I never thought of that!

  3. Myth Says:

    I have never heard of the bannana route. But I agree anything is worth trying, expecially when the pain gets to that raw desperate edge.

  4. Christy Says:

    And bananas are Generally Recognized As Safe.

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