I don’t know what to say about the impending loss of insurance coverage for my migraine abortive. No one is worried about it except me. I have to wait until after April 1 (the cutoff date) and then ask the pharmacy for a refill and then they fax “all the information” to the doctor’s office which then contacts the insurance company to ask for a “pre-auth.” This sounds pretty rinky-dink to me and fraught with potential peril. And pain. But the doctor’s office and the pharmacy are in agreement (or cahoots!).

Anyway, I can worry worry worry or calm down. Meanwhile the top of my right foot has gone numb and I don’t know why. I assume I did something to my back while dragging bags and boxes of books out of the trunk of my car (part of my job) which pinched a nerve (?) and caused foot numbness? I don’t know.

The bottom of my husband’s foot went numb 2 years ago while he was in an uncomfortable position while receiving an MRI before back surgery. The surgery cured his back pain but his foot is still numb! So I get no sympathy from him. Not that I expected any. He’s exhausted from supplying so much headache-sympathy all the time.

I blame it on my formerly-constant-now-intermittent stabbing headache, because when I had only migraines to contend with I could still go to yoga several times a week, and I had a healthy back and strong legs and arms. Now I am like a jellyfish. A jellyfish who is supposed to lift heavy objects.

I considered going to the doctor about my foot so I could harangue her about migraine meds while I was there, but given her track record with my head I don’t think I want her involved with my foot. It doesn’t bother me, it doesn’t keep me from doing anything, it’s way better than having a headache. I hope.

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