This afternoon I received a letter from my insurance company informing me that as of April 1 they will no longer cover the migraine abortive that works for me. I can, of course, ask my doctor to request a coverage review, and I will. As a matter of fact, I called her office as soon as I got the letter but they were closed already.

So, April 1, no more Amerge. April 4, new schedule at work including no vacation days allowed (any previously requested vacation cancelled) and (according to my supervisor) closing the library branch if I am sick because two of us are supposed to cover three branches and there’s no money for subs.

I don’t know if they will literally close the branch due to illness; that may just be a threat. But for fun I think I’ll print up some “Closed Due to Migraine” signs just in case.

Anyway, I was so upset and frustrated after reading the letter and failing to contact my doctor that I knew there was only one thing to do. I threw the leash on the dog and ran out the door. It’s been pouring nonstop all weekend, but there was a break in the rain and we walked and sometimes ran (just a little bit) and there was a very lovely south wind (my good friend.)

And maybe because of the south wind, which originates from an ocean far away, I actually felt like a kid for a while. I love to walk, and when I was younger I ran all the time. It’s the best medicine against depression I’ve ever found, and it works immediately and has no side effects, so long as you look both ways before crossing the street.

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4 Comments on “Amerge”

  1. I’m so horrified to hear that your insurance won’t cover your Amerge. Are they crazy? I think you could sell those “closed due to migraines” signs. I need one for my desk at work!

  2. Christy Says:

    I don’t think they’re crazy, I think they’re mean.

  3. deborah Says:

    it’s time to start wishing migraine upon the idiots who actually have the nerve to deny these meds. seriously, what are they thinking? I picture them playing cards in a back room, taking crap shots with our EOBs saying things like, “deny” or “accept” when they come on ours. what a bunch of beaurocratical bunk!!! I’m in the same hole. Still fighting going on a year for my Namenda. you know, the whole, “off-label” thing.

  4. Christy Says:

    A year! I’m sure most people just roll over and “die” (not literally I hope) and don’t or can’t fight for the length of time that you have.

    And of course the only rational explanation is that there’s no rational thinking going on. The letter I got didn’t deign to explain why they were no longer going to cover the drug, so I can only assume it’s completely arbitrary. If there’s a reason, show a little respect and tell me what it is.

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