Mixed bag

Bad thing: I am completely out of Amerge. There was some kind of refill mix-up and I will not be able to get back to the pharmacy until tomorrow evening.

Good thing: I found half a Relpax. I have no memory of ever cutting a Relpax in half. I’m not even sure you’re supposed to cut them in half. But I took it last night and it worked.

Another good thing: In spite of waking up dizzy several times last night, I ended up in no pain today.

Bad thing: More depressing emails from the library director about budget stuff. I think I will not be layed off but I will probably have to go work places I don’t want to work. He is going to drive around to the individual libraries to talk personally to people who are losing their jobs or being moved, so if I see him drive up to my favorite little one-person library next week. . .maybe I’ll just run out the back door. That’ll fix him.

Good thing: I received a large donation for children’s books and I got to go to a warehouse full of books today and spend it. I was so completely blissfully happy in all those stacks of children’s books I forgot all my problems. I just thought about the books and the kids who come to the library and which kids would like which books. I have to keep believing my branch will stay open.

My new library motto: We are not quitters!

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2 Comments on “Mixed bag”

  1. baldsue Says:

    Never quit! Except when thare (there are) no other options. And is it really called quitting then?

  2. I totally agree with baldsue. Never quit!

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