My old enemy the North Wind

Spring continues here, which is very bad, because it means drought, but I am guiltily enjoying it anyway. Yesterday I walked for one hour with my friend in the park in the morning, and then in the afternoon decided to ride my bike towards work, since my goal is to ride all the way to work someday. There is a lovely bike path that takes me about 5 miles towards my place of work and I have been slowly, carefully, riding a little bit farther along it each weekend before turning around and heading back home. The farthest I had gone was two miles out, two miles back.

My husband came with me this time. There seemed to be a little breeze at our backs as we rode and rode until . . . the bike path ended! I had gone five miles! I felt like I could continue on the surface streets and ride all the way to the library that very day! But I didn’t want to be reckless, so we turned around, and discovered that the whole time we’d been riding southward a stiff north wind had been building. No wonder it was so easy to pedal. I probably could have not pedaled at all and just let the wind push me along while were heading south. But now we had to go north.

It was so hard, riding back. We were heading straight into the wind. My legs started to ache immediately. Several times I just stopped and stood for a minute, thinking I would have to walk back while pushing the bike. (I’m much better at walking.) My husband said he would go get the car for me. No! I was going to do it!

And I did. Luckily, after about 3 miles the path turned at a slight angle to the wind and it became easier to pedal, and then we were in town, and then home, and I took a hot shower, aspirin, and a nap. Today my legs hurt a little, but not as bad as last week when I only went a total of 4 miles. And I really expected to have a migraine, but so far so good. I had forgotten about the north wind. It’s common here at certain times of the year, and last year even blew in the summer, thus annoying me very much.

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2 Comments on “My old enemy the North Wind”

  1. baldsue Says:

    No migraine that was expected? Biking is good for you, too?!?

  2. Christy Says:

    Or the north wind. It’s too soon to tell.

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