Spring in January

Saturday. Walked the dog for 1 hour. Told everyone I was going to take down the Christmas lights but didn’t.

Sunday. Walked with my friend for about half an hour. I told her I was going to take down the Christmas lights that afternoon. When I got home, I realized everybody was gone and I had the house to myself! Did a few yoga exercises, but my legs started to shake so I stopped.

Later on I sat down to read my current book, Netherland. The page I opened to begins: “As a teenager I often bicycled . . .” I threw down the book, ran to get my keys and sunglasses, and ran out the backdoor to the toolshed, where my bike is. I ran because I was afraid I was going to change my mind. I dusted off the bike (I’m always afraid a black widow has taken up residence under the seat) and pedaled off down the street, very slowly.

Where to go? I still have the secret ambition to eventually ride to my nearest work site, so I headed for the bike path that might take me there someday. I rode for fifteen minutes and then turned around and slowly pedaled back home. I thought about getting out the extension ladder and taking down the Christmas lights, but didn’t.

Monday. Went to the ENT. He wasn’t sure why I was there and neither was I. Don’t they read their notes? Why doesn’t he just hand my file to me and I’ll read it for him. I could do that while sitting and waiting in the exam room. It would help everyone. He said my sinuses look fine. I am supposed to go for allergy testing in a few weeks. I should have gone sooner but I am a victim of a new policy at work that requires two weeks notice if I want to take paid time for a medical appointment, and when you combine that policy with doctors’ schedules and my own work schedule (can never not be there on a Thursday of Friday because of programs) it stinks!

Took down the Christmas lights.

Walked the dog for 45 minutes. Felt like an hour and a half. When I got home my husband asked if I wanted to go on a bike ride. I said no way. After he left, though, I began thinking an Its-It ice cream bar would be a very good thing. Rode the six blocks to the store and back very very slowly. Ate my ice cream. Life is good.

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