Last night I dreamed that I couldn’t remember where I worked or when I was supposed to be there, or when I had been there last. This evening I wandered around my little one-employee library branch and tried not to listen to the library system director tell the Friends of the Library that it’s probable the branch will be closed completely in July.

On the way to the meeting the director stopped to tell me that he’d seen the front-page newspaper photo of me and a couple other employees standing in front of a different branch looking gloomy because it was closing. That was from 20 years ago. (He’s a young guy who’s only been here two years.) He cheerfully pointed out that I’ve been through this before. I think that makes it more difficult, because I learned that libraries are the first to get the ax, and then the last to benefit when times get better.

So I’m feeling lost and gloomy. But tomorrow’s storytime at my other library, and no depression ever survives singing, reading, and dancing around with those little guys.

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2 Comments on “Gloom”

  1. That is so sad that libraries are the first to get the ax and then the last to benefit. They are such important places!

  2. Christy Says:

    It’s sad, but it’s also understandable here because libraries, fire protection and police share the same fund, and so people have to choose between having their house burn down, being murdered in their beds, or not being able to check out a library book. People choose safety over knowledge.

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