Going right

Some things that have gone right lately:

Exercise. I finally felt well enough to take the dog for a walk today. I think this is the first walk in weeks, but maybe it just feels that way.

Vacuuming. For most of my life I have not owned a vacuum cleaner. I had dust mops and rags and took rugs outside and beat them. No carpeting. I cleaned the car with a whisk broom and sometimes took it to the car wash and paid quarters to vacuum it there. Then my mother-in-law gave me her brand new vacuum that she didn’t like. It is the worst possible vacuum for a person with sinus problems, because it has a filter that has to be taken out and “cleaned” which you do by beating it on the side of a trash can while clouds of dust swirl around you. But I am having a lot of fun vacuuming.

Antibiotic. After seven days, my antibiotic is only making me queasy for half a day, instead of all day. I eat many handfuls of dry cheerios because that seems to settle my stomach.

Peanut butter fudge. My daughter made a yummy batch of peanut butter fudge, and now that my stomach is settling down I can eat some.

Morning commute. My one-hour morning commute is more beautiful every day. Even when the fog is thick I can still see the water in the flooded rice fields close to the road and the many water birds that winter here. One morning I was creeping along through the fog and a snowy egret flew slowly up and across the road, right at the height of my windshield and so close that if I’d been going my normal speed it would have been a dreadful accident. I love driving slowly and looking at things, and I’m a road hazard, I know. I don’t particularly want to go where I’m going those days of the one hour commute. I could spend all day commuting and then just turn around and go back home and be happy.

Well, that’s it. If any more good things happen I’ll let you know.

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