mri results

Someone from my doctor’s office called me at work today and told me that I have mastoiditis and sinusitis on my right side and that’s what’s causing my headaches. I asked the woman on the phone if she meant my right, or the right of someone looking at me. There was a long silence. I explained that I was asking because all of my pain is on my left side. She simply read the message to me again. She said the doctor is referring me to an ENT. Again. Okay.

I looked mastoiditis up and discovered that I have ONE of the symptoms. Headache. And I have that on the opposite side from the supposed mastoiditis.

So I guess back to the ENT who won’t even talk to me about my headache because “there’s a list this long” (indicates very long list with hands) “of things that cause headache.”

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2 Comments on “mri results”

  1. baldsue Says:

    They thought I had mastoiditis, twice!

    Can you get into a different ENT? Sounds like the one you go to is a dud.

    It’d be great if they could treat you with antibiotics instead of surgery and away with your headaches. But that’s the life of Cinderella with headaches. How often do we lead the life of Cinderella?

  2. glass pineapple Says:

    I found an article in the Ear, Nose and Throat Journal by a doctor who had 28 consecutive cases in which patients were referred to him after an MRI that supposedly indicated mastoiditis. Not one patient actually had it. He concluded that an MRI is not a good tool for diagnosing mastoiditis. And my ear doesn’t hurt, anyway, and NOTHING on the right side of my head hurts.

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