I love vacation days

I’ve had such a lovely six days off from work. Thanksgiving in a fancy hotel restaurant was socially and financially reprehensible, but the food was tasty, and I got to see the new baby. I’ve gone on lots of walks and worked in the yard and cooked and baked (I hate cooking on workdays, but if I have nothing else to do it’s a little bit fun.) And whenever I felt like it I would sit down and read. What a luxury. I even dusted off the piano and vowed once again to Learn to Play Popular Piano in Ten Easy Lessons.

But this is my last day off, and my boss says that if the mid-fiscal-year budget cuts pan out the way she thinks they will, I will never be able to take a block of time off again. This is because I work alone three days a week, and she thinks they will cut the money used to pay for substitutes, so the library will have to close if I’m not there. She said she is willing (?) to close the library on account of illness, but not vacation. I alternate between being angry about this, and believing it won’t happen.

If I add together my accrued vacation time and my so-called “compensatory time” I could take three months off. I wonder if they would close the library for three months.

Anyway, it has been NINE DAYS since I my last migraine, so I had better go take advantage of my last vacation day immediately.

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2 Comments on “I love vacation days”

  1. baldsue Says:

    Enjoy it while you got it! Did you say 9 days since your last migraine?

    Can’t believe they’ll close the library for illness but not vacation…sputter sputter.

  2. glass pineapple Says:

    They could always set me up a bed and box of kleenex behind the counter so they wouldn’t have to close for illness, either.

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