mri (pronounce it mreee)

While I was lying in the tube, listening to all the hammering and beeping and banging, not only was I not bothered by the noise, it all seemed familiar and relaxing somehow. Half way through the procedure I figured out why.

I used to take yoga classes at a health club. The club decided to make the room next to the “yoga studio” into some kind of pilates machinery room. This meant several weeks of jackhammers, power saws, drilling and hammering, and demolition and construction did not stop for the namby-pamby yoga classes, even though we couldn’t hear our teacher over the noise. Everybody complained, but I kept thinking that if I could get myself to relax and breathe in all that commotion, it would be good training for something someday. Today was the day!

One disturbing note: after about 20 minutes the technician told me I was done. I said, “I wonder why my doctor told me it would take 40 min. to an hour?” She said, “I don’t know. Bye.” I got my stuff and left. In the parking lot I heard my name. She was running after me with some papers. “I think the radiologist misread this,” she said. Back I went for another 30 minutes. But how do I know I got the correct procedure in the end?

Well, my doctor will tell me, I’m sure. Meanwhile, I now have six days off in a row! Yippee!

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3 Comments on “mri (pronounce it mreee)”

  1. baldsue Says:

    Not a tiny disturbing note! Wow. Did you ask for a CD copy of it so you could brood over it and self-diagnose all sorts of awful diseases?

  2. glass pineapple Says:

    No, darn it! I can’t believe I passed up an opportunity to brood.

  3. Janet Geddis Says:

    I got the big, plastic, x-ray-like photos of my brain after my 2006 MRI. They were really interesting to look at and photograph. The next month I took them to my neurologist, who deemed me normal, sans deadly brain conditions.

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