I’m living in Oppositland today, since everyone in my house is sick except me. So they sat inside with the blinds closed (to keep the sun off the TV) and I went outside and did stuff.

First I went for my usual Sunday walk with my friend, who, when I expressed doubt about my ability to endure an MRI, reminded me that I had once gone down into a cave in an elevator to look at some sea lions, cruelly leaving her topside and alone because she was too afraid to go with me. (She didn’t accuse me of being cruel, I just felt that way remembering it.) So I’m not claustrophobic, but I may be selfish.

Then I went home and tried to drink a cup of tea, but the dog was going nutty because he hasn’t gotten a walk in days, so I walked with him until my legs started to hurt. My aching legs reminded me of the roof, and since I think this might be the last sunny day of autumn, I used my new muscles from last weekend and got out the ladder and climbed up, supposedly to sweep off a few more leaves, but really just to sit in the warm sun and look around.

Back on the ground, I hung laundry out to dry, raked leaves, trimmed vines, swept paths, ate a lovely chicken and avocado sandwich and finished the latest Barker and Llewellyn mystery. Then the dog started pestering me again so he got a bath. He doesn’t mind baths, and jumps into the bathtub on his own. The cat always comes to watch.

Oppositeland is a lovely place, I wish I could live here every day, except of course I would like my family to get over their colds and join me.

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3 Comments on “Oppositeland”

  1. I wish I could live in Oppositeland today, too!

  2. glass pineapple Says:

    If I knew how I got here, I’d send you directions.

  3. Janet Geddis Says:

    I’ve been in opposite land off and on this week. I reorganized all my jewelry, reorganized my bedroom furniture, hung up tons of art that had been lying dormant, went on several walks, went swimming, and *thought* about climbing up on the roof to sweep off the leaves and branches. I love it here!

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