Am I claustrophobic?

After a year and a half of fiddling around with my sometimes constant stabbing headache, my doctor decided I should have an MRA, even though she is convinced that the headache is caused by my sinus. I am happy about this decision because ever since May 2007 I have been convinced that something in my head is about to burst, and if the MRA proves me wrong I can get on with my life. (Let’s see, what was I doing when I was interrupted? I think it was Downward-facing Dog.)

Now the question is: the vague feeling of unease I get when thinking of being trapped in an elevator, a cave, an airplane; is that claustrophobia or just good sense?

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3 Comments on “Am I claustrophobic?”

  1. sue Says:

    Sounds like claustrophobia to me.

    Just think of it as being inside a straw that’s stuck inside a blender while a chocolate milkshake is being made.

    MRA’s take a while. My MRA of neck and head took 1.5 hours.

  2. glass pineapple Says:

    1.5 hours! And nothing to read?!!

  3. bgwh Says:

    nope. nothin’ to read. but lots of time to ponder thoughts. opportunity to meditate to the rhythmic knocks of the machine.

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