The roof

Yes, I believe it is time to get up on my roof again. It’s warm. It’s sunny. There are some leaves up there that could be swept off. And I could put up my Christmas lights now instead of waiting until it’s raining, windy and cold. I don’t have to plug them in, just put them up. Any excuse to stay up on the roof for a while.

For Thanksgiving this year I have to go eat in a nice hotel in a nearby big city. I don’t really want to do this, since it means 1) go find some nice clothes since I don’t own any, 2) drive drive drive, 3) wait wait wait, 4) deal with all the usual family-in-law stuff, only in public with no escape (the back yard is usually my refuge), and most importantly, 5) no leftovers!

I think it’s the clothes-buying ordeal that I dread most. I keep looking in my closet, thinking there’s gotta be something in there, but there’s just library-working clothes (remember last winter I had to go out in the rain and drag branches out of the library parking lot: my work clothes are very practical), dog-walking clothes, grocery-store-going clothes (really just dog-walking clothes with the dog hairs brushed off), and climbing-up-on-the-roof clothes. Perfectly suited to my exciting lifestyle.

To the roof!

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