My keyboard is still non-functioning (broken!) but my daughter left her laptop on the kitchen table so I can type. Yay! I missed non-work typing. There is a new computer security policy at work which has made me afraid to do anything personal there on a computer. I very rarely did any personal computing at work, nothing more than an occasional quick email check, but the fact of it being expressly forbidden has coincided with the fact of my home system being broken. What to do.

My supervisor also told me that staff are no longer allowed to use the public internet stations. Our department head is reportedly going to try to get an exception made for when we are at lunch or on breaks. As I might have complained here constantly, three days a week I work 8 hours straight with no lunch and no breaks. Why don’t they just give me a stripey suit and handcuff me to the circulation desk?

So, if I get a new prescription before my keyboard is replaced, I can’t look it up on the Internet at my public library because I’m employed there. I could look it up for you, though. How does the “Information Services” department think they’re going to be able to “track” whom I’m looking stuff up for? Do they keep a dossier on each employee: “Someone at that branch is looking up migraine info, she’s a known migraineur, looks suspicious…”

So far as I know, I can still look things up in books.

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One Comment on “Access”

  1. my employer monitors everything we do at work on our computers. Several people have been fired for shopping online!!I don’t do anything personal at work at all. Big brother is watching!

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