Everywhere I look in my house. Dust and dirt and invisible stickiness that catches at your feet. If it’s dirty when I’m well I can clean it, or (my favorite choice) go outside and ignore it. When I’m sick all I can do is lie around and look at it. Today I’m still not well enough to do anything about the dirt, but not sick enough not to care.

There was a time after my sinus surgery when I looked blearily at the state of my kitchen and thought, isn’t this the point where they come take my children away from me if I’m young, or throw me in the old folks home if I’m old? Luckily, being middle aged, nobody cared about my filthy kitchen except me. It was a liberating thought. Nobody’s keeping an eye on the middle-aged. The possibilities are endless. Well, not really. In fact I can’t think of any possibilities at all, except for not cleaning my kitchen, and since I’m obviously the only person on earth who cares what my kitchen looks like, I’ll be cleaning it as soon as I can.

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4 Comments on “Dirt”

  1. I’m having the same struggles with the dust bunnies!

  2. deborah Says:

    look on the bright side, this is the perfect time of year to close the curtains and hibernate. we’re all in the same grungey boat, unfortunately. some days we over-take the bunnies, others, they take us. I guess we have to pick our battles.

  3. Myth Says:

    Because of all the migraines, I tend to keep all the blinds shut and most of the lights off. So the house looks fine until daylight… then you look around and think ‘howd all that dust get there?” Solution: keep the lights off.

  4. glass pineapple Says:

    As I get older, keeping my glasses off also works.

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