Sick again

It was meeting time again last night and I sat there trying to keep my teeth from chattering. It wasn’t cold in the building, I had chills. I don’t know if I have a bad cold, a light flu, or a new sinus infection. As soon as my supervisor showed up (halfway through the meeting) I shoved a bag full of books and craft materials into her hands, told her it was the next day’s storytime, and said I was leaving. She said, But I have your evaluation, we were going to go over it after the meeting. I didn’t much care.

It’s hard being sick at that library branch, because I’m the only employee there most of the time and I get no official breaks or lunch, just work eight hours straight through. This is okay according to our “contract,” and it’s really okay with me because it’s a peaceful little branch and I can eat my cheese and crackers and drink my tea at my desk during quiet periods, but when I don’t feel well it would be so great to just lie down for a minute or go out and get a bowl of soup.

So I am not at work today and I am glad. The dog is going crazy, however, because no one is walking him and he can’t go in the back yard because of the slowly emerging new grass.

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2 Comments on “Sick again”

  1. deborah Says:

    I hope you feel well soon. If you were neaarby, I’d make you some soup, or at least get you some of this great wonton soup from a rest. that I swear by here. It does have some incredible healing properties.

  2. glass pineapple Says:

    Thanks for the nice sentiments. My husband bought me a can of soup but I think he accidentally got the kind without healing properties.

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