It’s too cold and I might set a goal

Okay, the rule is, it’s hot (hot!) here until Halloween, and then you begin to feel a little chill in the air in November. Yet this morning when I met my friend for our Sunday walk in the park, she asked me if I knew it was 36 degrees. No, but I’d suspected it. Rooting through my closet in the dark (because my husband was still asleep) I’d managed to find my jacket and a scarf, but not my gloves (I remembered later that I ruined them last winter dragging branches out of the library parking lot during a big wind and rain storm. Stupid underfunded library system.)

Last weekend my husband and I planted lawn seed in our backyard, since late September/early October is an ideal time to do that here, I kept insisting. Two days after that a fierce north wind started drying out the ground, and then the frost warnings started. I keep telling him, “I was right, the weather’s wrong.” He keeps telling me, “I don’t see any grass growing.” It’s his job to keep it watered, because I’m gone all day, so he has plenty of time to watch the grass not grow.

I think my bad migraine period is lifting. This might be my fourth day of not much pain. I even rode my bike about a half a mile one day. I immediately set myself the goal of riding to work next summer. My closest library is about 10 miles away, and there’s a very nice bike path for part of the way. So you see, that’s all it takes. A few days without pain and my imagination is off and running. Maybe a better goal would be to ride again for another half mile someday soon. Sounds doable.

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One Comment on “It’s too cold and I might set a goal”

  1. I do the same thing. I have a couple low pain days and I’m dreaming of writing a novel, etc…

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