Half a brain, but which half?

I got up. I was amazed that the left side of my head did not hurt. I kept feeling my neck and touching my temple. No pain! I ate breakfast. My left side was fine! I took a shower. I started thinking, “I have a migraine.” No! I paid close attention to my left side. No weakness. No pain. “I have a migraine,” my brain told me. Shut up, brain, what are you trying to do? My left side is perfect today. Everything is fine.

A little while later I noticed that my neck hurt on the right side. Then I realized that the right side of my head hurt. My right arm and leg felt weak. My brain was correct. I had a migraine. How did my brain know a migraine was coming before I could feel it? Or was I so fixated on my left side that I just didn’t notice the beginning of pain on the right?

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