Sunday was a nice day. I felt well. I walked for an hour in the park with my friend. I noticed that what I call the “dining room” (actually one end of the kitchen with a table in it) had a web of greasy dirt and cobwebs all over the upper walls and ceiling, and actually got up on a footstool and washed it off. Then I took everything off the front porch and washed it. I think it was still covered with residue from the month of smoke. Then I sat on my clean front porch and read the Sunday paper.

However, my left leg kept tingling, and that’s a migraine aura for me, but as usual I ignored it, thinking there were probably lots of innocent reasons for one leg to tingle, although I couldn’t think of any (and really, not being able to think of any is a migraine aura, too.) So today I woke up with a migraine, but I took an Amerge and after a while I didn’t feel too bad and took the dog for a slow walk, with the bill of my cap pulled down over my polarized sunglasses and my back to the sun as much as possible.

And it was a lovely day, with an oceany southern breeze (the ocean is about 200 miles away, but I think I can smell it sometimes), and a big leaf fell out of a tree and landed on my hat, because it’s the first day of fall.

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