Rambling on

I stuffed myself full of pills and caffeine for my meeting on Thursday night but when they asked me to approve something I discovered I had no idea what they were talking about. I really thought I was paying attention, too. Next time I’ll just bring my pillow and a blanket so they understand who they’re dealing with.

Friday morning at storytime there were 25 children, mainly three and under (numerous babies). It was the first time in my long library storytime life that I did not have one second of quiet attention from the group the entire time. Usually they’ll all pay attention for a song or fingerplay, if nothing else, but not this group. It was like being in an ocean of children, and one wave would wash up near me and interact with me a while, and then they’d roll back out and another wave would wash by and stop for a while.

The amazing thing is, no-one seemed unhappy, and a couple of parents that had never attended before thanked me on the way out with big smiles and said they’d be back next week. “You will?” I said, and then felt embarrassed about how surprised I sounded.

On Friday I walked around two blocks on my lunch half-hour. No exercise today because I don’t feel like it. I don’t feel like going to work, either, but I guess I will anyway.

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