alphabetical order by number

Yesterday towards the end of the workday I told someone the non-fiction books were in “alphabetical order by number.” As I heard myself speak those words I thought I would probably have a migraine by this morning, but I woke up feeling okay. Walked the dog for 40 minutes and didn’t meet any strays. Yay! Then the pain hit. Took an Amerge. I go to work late today because I have to stay late for a meeting. I don’t like meetings, and my migraine doesn’t like meetings either.

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2 Comments on “alphabetical order by number”

  1. my migraines doesn’t like meetings either, except for when they dim the lights for a powerpoint slideshow thing!!

  2. baldsue Says:

    Ugh! Meetings! Baseball caps and dark, dark sunglasses are meeting required equipment.

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