Dogs and exercise

Walked the dog for half an hour, but five or ten minutes of that was actually standing still trying to deal with stray dogs. I was really super upset with one family that lives about a block and a half from me. Their dog kept running across the street barking at us, circling us, then running back to his house and then back across the street to bark at us some more, while someone from inside the house yelled at him. Come out of your damn house and help me! But I remembered, when I finally got home and calmed down, that usually when I walk past that house their dog is in the back yard behind a tall wooden fence, and he barks wildly and throws himself against the fence, while the owner yells from inside the house, so probably the owner didn’t know the dog was out of the yard. And the dog has been trying to get at us through the fence for a long time, and he finally had his chance, no wonder he was so out of control.

I don’t get this neighborhood lately. Everybody stays in their house and never comes out except to get in their car; meanwhile their dogs get plenty of exercise running all over the streets.

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