Migraine Week in Review

This was a funny week. Tuesday I arrived at work an hour early and rushed around getting tons of stuff done, but never stopped to wonder where all the energy was coming from until around noon when everything started to look funny and I realized my zeal for work was a migraine aura. So I convinced myself to take an Amerge even though I didn’t have any pain yet, and made it through the rest of the day fairly comfortably. Wednesday and Thursday I felt good! Friday I took another Amerge as soon as I felt some little twinges of pain, and I got through storytime okay but the migraine has been hanging around ever since, making me grasp my head and complain out loud without realizing it (very embarrassing) and making me forget people’s names and who wrote what book and other stuff I’m supposed to know for my job.

Two Amerge a week is my limit, dictated by my insurance, not my doctor.

34 straight days of antibiotics has (knock on wood) cleared up my sinus infection. Dare I hope that once I get through this bad migraine patch I might resume my “normal” active life? I mean, a year and a half ago it was normal for me to walk every day, go to yoga class 3 or 4 days a week, and ride my bike to work once a week. Now it’s normal for me to get so tired from mopping the kitchen that I need to take a nap. (And it’s a very small kitchen, and I don’t even move the chairs anymore.)

Today the dog and I walked for half an hour. Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

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One Comment on “Migraine Week in Review”

  1. Janet Geddis Says:

    Hi! This is somewhat creepy: the first paragraph sounds as if it came directly from me! Working with books, reading for storytime, feeling really energetic only to realize later that it’s a Migraine attack….

    Can’t wait to read more!

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