I think maybe crying helps clear out the sinuses, though

I seem to be entering a bad migraine period, as I do from time to time. I could live with that, since I always have, but my sinuses aren’t better yet. I woke up crying (that was from the migraine,) and I kept crying while I drank my tea and took my pills. (That was from thinking, “shouldn’t one thing end before the other begins?” Because life is fair, right?)

Anyway, migraines usually make me weepy, often before the pain even starts. Weepiness (which my computer just underlined in red–isn’t it a word? Why not? The universe and my computer are aligned against me) is a sign that a migraine is coming. Another sign is neck pain, which I felt last night but ignored, because I’d just had a migraine on Friday and I didn’t want another one so soon. So I ignore the signs in the hope that they are just me being an obsessive, pessimistic worrier.

But have I ever been obsessive, pessimistic, or too worried? All the evidence points to me being overly optimistic. Over and over I see the symptoms and think, “Oh, it could be anything.” I’ve had migraines since I was 7 years old, yet if I go for a week and a half without one I think, “Yay! No more migraines forever!”

And the sinus surgery is another example. I knew that the surgery could result in no change for the better. I knew there was the possibility of blindness, brain damage, death. Somehow, I just wasn’t prepared for the surgery to result in a perpetual sinus infection, and non-stop antibiotic ingestion, which is what I got.

The moral to this story is: worry!

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