In the stars

I feel a little better today (5 days into the new antibiotic), but I felt a little better yesterday morning and then felt a lot worse later. Still, I’m off to work, where most of the physical piles of neglected work from my surgery/sick summer have finally been dealt with, leaving the work I can’t see. Meaning little articles I was supposed to write, phone calls I should have made by now, and plans I need to make for upcoming programs. All of this stuff has piled up, too, but since it’s not the kind of pile I could trip over, I’ve managed to ignore it.

But I can’t ignore it anymore, because somehow the horoscope in the newspaper found out about it, and this morning it told me do my duties “in an orderly fashion as soon as possible”, because if I don’t, “things will begin to pile up and they collectively could exceed your ability to take care of them.” Yikes! If the lady who writes the horoscope is on to me, can my boss be far behind?

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