Walking in my neighborhood

I took the dog for a walk this morning. About 4 blocks from my house I heard barking and saw a large, muscular, short-haired dog running towards us from a block away. I started to cross the street (in case he just thought he owned the sidewalk,) but he veered out into the street to intercept us. So I stood up straight, sideways to the running dog, put out my arm, and in my deepest voice shouted “Stop!” And he did. I took a few steps toward the other side of the street, and he began growling and following us. I stopped, put my arm out straight again, shouted “Go!” He wouldn’t. So I tried “Stay!,” turned and walked away. I glanced back and he was following us, but at a distance. After we turned a corner and went one more block, I couldn’t see him anymore.

And that’s what I hate about walking in my neighborhood.

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