Easily amused

I reorganized the silverware drawer yesterday. The first time my daughter tried to get something out of the drawer she took out fork after fork and finally said, Aaaauugh! What’s going on? Why do I keep getting a fork instead of a spoon?

It was pretty funny, but at least she had no idea I’d rearranged. Since I’m the one that changed the order of things, it’s just pathetic every time I reach in to grab a knife, come up with a spoon, and come to a complete stop and can’t continue because I’m so confused. (Of course, at my age, there’s always the possibility that I’d actually meant to get a spoon and just forgot. That makes it even more confusing.) I never realized what a habit it is to reach in that drawer and grab without looking. I think I’ll wait til April 1 and switch it all back.

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