cat, dog, meteor

Well, I forgot to watch the Perseid meteor shower last night, in spite of the dog coming in to my bedroom repeatedly and waking me up. I didn’t want to put him outside, because he just gets in trouble barking and digging and eating strange stuff he finds around the yard if he stays outside at night. But he was driving me crazy so I finally staggered out of bed and opened the backdoor, but he wouldn’t go through it. Exasperated, I led him to his bed, in an attempt to convey to him that I wanted him to get in it and stay, and I discovered the reason he couldn’t sleep. The cat was sprawled across the dogbed.

Yes, the dog woke me in the middle of the night to tell on the cat. The cat is a bully and the dog is…very mild mannered. Or maybe he just knows that he’s not allowed to eat the cat and can’t figure out any other way to get her to move. So I tipped the bed up, the cat fell out, the dog hopped in, all was quiet until about 4:30am when the cat ran out of food in her dish and came in the bedroom and started nibbling on me. (I think she considers me an alternate food source, but I never hold still long enough for her to get a good bite.) And still I didn’t think to go out and look at the sky.

There will still be cosmic dust falling through the atmosphere tonight, if I can just surface long enough through the antibiotic/infection fog to remember to go look at it.

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