In order to stop my spectacular nosebleeds, the ENT cauterized my left turbinate. It didn’t hurt when he did it. The check-out person waved me out of the office, Good-bye! Never come back! As soon as I set foot in the parking lot the pain hit. Oh well, I’ll feel better soon. I drove to work. Felt worse. Took Tylenol, the do-nothing drug. Felt worser. Then some kind of watery (but bloodless) discharge started dripping/gushing/dripping from my nose. I work alone at that library. It was just me and the poor library patrons, who all got a grumpy earful from me, in between disgusting gushes.

I was not aware of how much I complained that day until this weekend, when some of the same people came back in and asked me gingerly, from a safe distance, if I was feeling any better. Yes, I said, surprised, How did you know I was sick? Hoo boy.

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2 Comments on “Cauterized!”

  1. Poor baby…I don’t think I could have handled disgusting gushes at work!!

  2. glass pineapple Says:

    The worst part was, for some reason I couldn’t always feel them happening, I’d just feel dampness and look down and see the front of my shirt was wet, or the counter…It was probably worse for the horrified public than it was for me. But I think you have to handle a lot more disgusting stuff at work than I ever do.

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