Sinus surgery

Last Wednesday I had sinus surgery. It was supposed to happen in the afternoon but the doctor had a cancellation so they called me at 7:30am and asked how quickly I could get to the surgery center. I was there by 8:00, thus cleverly avoiding the migraine I was sure I was going to have from not being able to eat. I was seriously concerned about that, since I always get a migraine when I skip meals or even snacktime, and I pictured myself being wheeled into the operating room, grasping my head and whining–the light! Get it out of my eyes! That must happen frequently to migraine sufferers who need surgery. Does anesthesia make your body forget it has a migraine? Anyway, once again, all that worry for nothing.

When we got to the surgery center they took me into a little office where they pointed to a note on a piece of paper that said that somebody had called my home and left a message a week ago and I never called back. What? I apologized and said I didn’t receive any message. Oh sure, lady. (They didn’t say it, it was the look.) I was supposed to have called them to discuss finances. They wanted to know how much I could put down on my balance right then. Since the instructions they had sent in the mail told me to only bring my driver’s license, insurance card, and reading glasses if applicable, nothing! (My husband had brought me, but since I had to wake him up to take me there, he’d immediately left to find coffee and hadn’t gotten back yet.) They looked grim, but apparently are resigned to fly-by-night patients such as myself, and took me in anyway.

They were playing some really annoying radio station in the pre-op area, people badgered me about this and that, the operating room nurse was very kind, the anesthesiologist seemed a little manic and was babbling about a “laughing orkney bird” or something (“It’s from the forties,” he said, looking at me like that should ring a bell with me. Jeez, I know years of migraines have taken their toll, but do I really look like I was around for WWII?) Then I heard someone calling my name and I was very surprised to find that I was still alive and not blind (my sinuses are right next to my eyes, you know.)

And then I went home and was miserable until today, when I finally got out of bed.

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2 Comments on “Sinus surgery”

  1. Susie Says:

    I am glad you are feeling better, was getting worried about ya :)

  2. I was worried about you, too. Hope you are feeling better. Sending hugs your way!

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