more smoke

Air conditions here are officially “very unhealthy.” Looking out my windows I get the feeling I’m on the coast, with fog shrouding nearby trees, only of course it’s smoke. And it’s hot, not cold. The fires are all miles away from us but it’s just there’s so many of them.

I have all the windows closed, something I never do. I wanted to turn on our little window air conditioning unit, but I heard on the radio to put your air conditioners on recirculate, and there was no recirculate option that I could see. I wondered if “energy saver” was the same thing, but when I finally found the manual all it said about that option was “select energy saver mode for energy saving operation.” Okay thanks. Then I noticed an illustration that pretended to show me how to close the vent for “internal air circulation,” but the lever in the picture was not to be found on my real live machine. Finally I found a note: “position the vent lever straight by pulling Part A out and snapping it into place.” I think this was supposed to have been done before we installed it. I needed a flashlight and a crochet hook to finally find the hidden Part A and pull it into place, but it didn’t “snap,” and peering into the depths of the air conditioner with my flashlight while I pushed the lever one way and the other, it didn’t seem to make any changes anywhere. So I don’t know. I turned it on anyway, because it’s hot and stuffy in here.

I have been having a headache pattern of migraine day, no-pain day, migraine day, no-pain day. I am afraid to take aspirin because of surgery next Wednesday, and Tylenol is useless, and I took ibuprofen once for a toothache and got a headache so I never took another one, so I am taking too many naratriptan. Luckily I was able to hoard some of the triptan during a couple of good months, so my insurance company is unable to stop me from taking as many as I need, but I personally don’t think I should be taking that many, anyway. But it’s summer library program time and I’m busy and have children’s programs to either conduct or oversee, and it’s bad enough I’m going to miss a week and a half in July. I’ve done storytimes with a migraine plenty of times in my life, running on adrenaline I guess, but it was never a good thing.

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