I could see it was a little smoky outside but I took the dog for a walk anyway. When I got to the end of my block I turned to look toward the hills to my east, to see if there was any visible fire there, but I couldn’t see the hills. It was too smoky. So we went on our short route, which takes about half an hour. By the time we got back to my block I tried to look at the hills again, but this time I couldn’t even see the end of the street, which is about four blocks away. I think the nearest big fire is at least 30 miles away, but lightning has caused a lot of little fires.

Every time I sat down to write in here the last couple of weeks, I would write about smoke and my head hurting, but then I would delete it because so many people in nearby communities had actual bad problems, like losing their houses or outbuildings or vehicles or animals, or maybe everything turned out all right but they had to pack up and evacuate on a scary, fire-threatened route that took hours to traverse but in normal times takes about twenty minutes. Reading about that, I vowed to never let my gas tank get below half-full again, a vow I have already broken! Good grief.

Anyway, it’s really smoky but I took the dog for a walk anyway, because I am going in for sinus surgery July 2 and I feel so unhealthy from lack of exercise this past year that I feel like I should try to get in better shape. By the first of July. Good luck, me. And I need to finish the patio by then, too. It’s nearly done but I’ve run out of bricks.

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