What’s up with 4 pm?

The majority of my migraines get started in the early morning. I either wake up in pain, or wake up out of sorts and with a bunch of auras that I don’t recognize until the pain starts in an hour or so. (Oh, that’s why I was sitting with tears in my eyes and my hands over my ears to protect them from the sound of my husband stirring his coffee.) It’s not that a headache never starts at other times of day, mornings are just most common.

So why, now, all of a sudden, has it switched to evenings? The last few weeks, almost all of my migraines have started attracting my attention around 4pm. (Why does my neck hurt so much? Get that light out of my eyes! What is that terrible smell? What do you mean, you don’t smell anything? Oh, my head … oh, wait, am I getting a migraine?)

I can’t figure it out. Well, I haven’t tried very hard. If I could just sit down and objectively analyze any changes in my habits in the last couple of months, maybe I would discover some triggers I don’t know about. Although, if I’ve been having migraines since I was 7, what could possibly have remained the same for all those years and then just changed suddenly in March?

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