“The key is setting realistic expectations”

On Monday I realized I was developing another sinus infection. In spite of everything I was completely shocked by this. In spite of the CT scan and the ENT telling me I need surgery, I really truly believed I would never have another sinus infection. This is pretty much like when I have a couple of weeks of no migraine and I start thinking, Yay! After 45 years my migraines are finally over! I definitely have a screw loose.

So I am back on antibiotics. I went to see my primary care doctor and I think because I was her last patient of the day our conversation was much more relaxed and I felt more informed than usual when I left. I think I will start requesting 4pm appointments from now on. Also, the “I’m too busy to help you” person in her office has disappeared.

But I am very disappointed to be 1) sick on my week off from work, 2) on antibiotics again, 3) afraid to go outside in the wind to work on my supposed patio.

This is a link to Unshelved Comics, which I read because it’s about working in a library. Even though this week’s episode is about the Young Adult Librarian learning to skateboard (he has to research it thoroughly in a book first), when I looked at him sitting on the board, securely helmeted and padded, it reminded me of the Migraine Approach to life. And the other character is how I imagine the rest of the world lives.

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