Weird migraine trigger

When I saw the Weird Migraine Trigger Contest I wanted to enter, but all my migraine triggers seemed so boring. But today I was trying to work on my patio, and feeling sorry for myself because of the godawful weather. And I thought about how I grew up next to the ocean where the weather was lovely and not given to extremes, and I remembered how I used to hate to go “inland” (more than five miles from the beach) because whenever I did I got a headache!

And now I live inland. Far far away from any ocean. And if I get a chance to go to the beach I usually feel lighter while I’m there, and then I come back home and feel like the air is a heavy blanket crushing me down. I’m not saying I never get a migraine at the ocean, but I think it’s pretty clear that being inland is a migraine trigger for me.

Will my doctor buy it? Will she prescribe a “rest cure” at the seaside for me? Will my insurance company pay for it? Will I finish my patio before the mercury hits triple digits?

No to all of the above.

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3 Comments on “Weird migraine trigger”

  1. I would love a “rest cure” at the seaside. That sounds wonderful. If only we could get our doctors to buy it!!

  2. Diana Lee Says:

    I honestly feel the same way! Maybe it’s just the effect of being on vacation, but whenever I get the chance to spend a few days by the ocean I feel so much better than usual. Perhaps we all need to go in on a beachside hideaway. :)

  3. glass pineapple Says:

    Obviously a serious study needs to be done on the effects of salt air on migraines. We could volunteer to be subjects.

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